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Markus Berendes

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Markus Berendes is a financial advisor. Due to his sound knowledge of the financial market and many years of professional experience in the financial sector he is known as expert of this sector. He finished an apprenticeship as bank clerk successfully and sticked always to his life motto: „Carpe Diem – seize the day“. He stays true towards his Maxime. Markus Berendes knows how to exploit opportunities without neglecting the evaluation of potential risks. Through his years of experience and his feeling for the peculiarities of the financial market, Markus Berendes was and still is the best contact person for all questions regarding investments and sound financial advice. Markus Berendes is a passionated sailor and loves doing sport. Mr. Berendes can draw strength out of the sports activities. He needs this strength for the responsible and often challenging activities, in which he is always one hundred percent committed to the interests of his clients.

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In 1970, after his apprenticeship as bank clerk at Deutsche Bank in Munich and after completed military service he stayed with Deutsche Bank. In the sector of operating reserve he was able to gain some profound experiences in the field of banking. After that he moved to the United States of America and started as a trainee at Denenberg Corp. In Chicago. At this point of his career he was able to show and extend his skills and experiences on the international financial market. This was a win-win situation. He gained technical knowledge and Markus Berendes as person experienced a formative time in the United States. In 1981 he returned from the United States and was shaped by the very diverse experiences of the international financial industry. Berendes became Head of the General Agency of Investment Advisory Bonnfinanz AG in Munich. For the next years Berendes worked successfully for this company. Moreover, he was able to extend his professional expertise with numerous experiences. In 1984 he became partner and managing director of the company Fima International GmbH in Munich. This was another big step in development. For the next fifteen years Markus Berendes worked for this company. The company benefited from this experience of the recent years and Mr. Berendes could expand and develop his skills, always with the focus on the needs of his clients.
In 1999 Berendes moved into financial consulting and started working for Capitalinvest GmbH in Lenggries, in beautiful Bavaria. 2003 he moved again, as a financial advisor to the AVAL Group and started his career at AVAL Financial Services LLC, which was also located in Lenggries, Bavaria. In 2013 another change took place but only in reference to the location. Markus Berendes moved for the AVAL to Bad Tölz. Til today he is active as financial adviser of the company AVAL Financial Services GmbH and is responsible for numerous different clients. He has great success and fullfills all tasks to the complete customer satisfaction.

Markus Berendes

Markus Berendes has more than 40 years work experience in the financial sector. He has a huge knowledge and is able to support his clients in the best possible way, every day. His unconditional will for constant development of his own skills in the field of finance is his personal advantage. Moreover, it is the lead of its clients in the fast-moving market of financial advice.

The Company AVAL Financial Services GmbH

This is our philosophy! - The AVAL Financial Services GmbH is located in Bad Tölz. The company is a serious and above all reliable partner in the field of financial services. The AVAL is allowed to exercise unrestricted activities as a broker (§ 34 c Abs. 1 GewO), insurance intermediaries and insurance advisors (§ 34dc Abs. 1 GewO), as a financial investment broker (§ 34 f Abs. 1 GewO) as well as a real estate loan broker (§ 34 i Abs. 1 GewO). For the listed areas there are official approvals.

AVAL is therefore able to offer an „all-round service“ in the field of investment advice. AVAL arranges loan agreements, insurance contracts and financial investments. Furthermore, AVAL sets a focus on the individual and personal caring for the clients. AVAL ensures this high-quality service through the long-standing experience of its employees, such as the experience of Markus Berendes.

The AVAL is part of the AVT composite (General investments and trust). Experts have united to one network in order to connect the respective competencies. The purpose behind is the ability to respond even more precisely to the requirements and needs of the clientele. Thus, AVAL Financial Services GmbH is a competent and reliable partner in all areas of financial consulting. This is the result of a constant development of the concepts over the years. Moreover, it is the merit of the experts like Markus Berendes, as well.


What is the relationship between Markus Berendes and the AFS GmbH?

Markus Berendes is the founder of the AVAL Financial Services GmbH. 

Which kind of business is the AFS GmbH?

The AFS GmbH is working in the following business areas:

Financial consulting, Emergency planning, Processing of claims for their clients

Where is the AFS GmbH located?

The headquarter of the AFS GmbH Bad Tölz in bavaria.

Exact Address: AVAL Financial Services GmbH ,Prof.-Max-Lange-Platz 13 , 83646 Bad Tölz

What happens with my data, given on the Website? 

Appropriate to the EU DSGVO and the Bundesdatenschutzgesetz, we will just use your data to execute your approach. 

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