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Markus Berendes

Markus Berendes

Financial Expert & Investment Advisor

Personal Information

Name: Markus Berendes

Company: AVAL Financial Services GmbH

Position: Sales Manager

Location: Bad Tölz, Bavaria, Germany

Phone: +49 8041 79957-19



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Markus Berendes works as a financial consultant with in-depth knowledge of the financial market and many years of professional experience in the financial sector. His life motto “Carpe Diem - Author: Horaz - seize the day” is also reflected in his professional life. Markus Berendes knows how to use opportunities for his clients without neglecting the assessment of possible risks.

Carpe Diem - Seize the day.

Markus Berendes loves sailing and playing golf and likes to be active in sports. Through his sporting activities, Mr. Berendes draws strength and energy for responsible and demanding work.

About Markus Berendes

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After completing his training as a banker at Deutsche Bank in Munich at the end of the 1970s, Markus Berendes initially remained loyal to Deutsche Bank after completing his military service.

He was able to gain very in-depth banking experience in the area of the operating reserve. Afterwards he went to the United States to work for Denenberg Corp. in Chicago as a trainee to further develop his skills and experience in the international financial markets.

From a technical point of view, this was an enormous gain in experience and knowledge. The time in the United States was also a very formative time for Markus Berendes personally.

In the United States, Markus Berendes gained a wide variety of experiences in the international financial sector. After his return in 1981, Berendes became head of the general agency for asset consulting at Bonnfinanz AG in Munich.

For the aforementioned company, Mr. Berendes worked successfully for the next few years. Once again, he was able to expand his technical expertise with a wealth of experience. In 1984 he moved to the company International GmbH in Munich. There he worked as a partner and managing director. This was another big step in his professional development. Markus Berendes worked for this company for the next fifteen years. The company benefited from his experience, and Markus Berendes was able to further expand and develop his skills.

In 1999, Markus Berendes switched to financial consulting and started working for Capitalinvest GmbH in Lenggries, Bavaria. In 2003 he switched to the AVAL Group, also as a financial consultant, and continued his professional career at AVAL Financial Services LLC, which is also based in Lenggries, Bavaria.

In 2013 Markus Berendes moved to Bad Tölz for AFS GmbH. There he is still active as a financial consultant for AVAL Financial Services GmbH to this day and looks after numerous different clients with great success. The clients are successful and completely satisfied.

40 years of experience

Markus Berendes can look back on more than 40 years of professional experience in the financial sector. This experience is very valuable in his daily work with his clients. His ambitions to continuously develop his own skills and abilities in the area of finances and wealth planning is his very personal advantage. These ambitions give his clients a head start in the fast-moving financial advisory market.

The company AVAL Financial Services GmbH

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In 2018 AFS GmbH made significant investments in IT and digitalization. With the AFS Portal a major step in digitalization has been taken.

Clients can quickly find the area that suits them best on the website and can also make valuable tariff comparisons. For example in the area

  • checking account
  • [Fixed Deposit Comparison Calculator] (
  • [Daily allowance comparison] (
  • installment loan
  • DSL
  • [Motorcycle insurance] (
  • [Motor vehicle insurance] (
  • [Electricity comparison calculator] (
  • Gas comparison calculator

AVAL Financial Services GmbH sees the following areas as its core areas of client advice.

Private individuals

Holistic with the aim to create a really good life, now and in the future! Interested parties say “What do I need this for?” New clients say “I need this!” And long term clients say “I don’t want to be without AFS GmbH anymore!”


We have been looking after many of our clients for decades. We see ourselves as a long-term partner in the finance and insurance sector.


There is more to good financing than a loan. We work out and develop coherent financing concepts.

Emergency folder

You can’t start early enough to make provisions for old age. Exactly the same applies for contingency planning. We hope that you’ll never have to use them.

employer-funded pension

A great concept for both businessman and employees. Be aware of the pitfalls! Good advice is half the battle!


Markus Berendes is the founder of AVAL Financial Services GmbH.

The activities of AFS GmbH are divided into the following core business areas:
Financial advice, emergency planning, claims processing

The company headquarters of AFS GmbH is located in Bavaria in the spa town of Bad Tölz.

AVAL Financial Services GmbH, Prof.-Max-Lange-Platz 13, 83646 Bad Tölz

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